Instructors: Betsy Zeger and Cordell Wesselink in association with Community Boards Mediation Center.
Description: This training incorporates the Positive Psychology model from the University of Pennsylvania’s Certification program.
The skills includes:

  • Person Praise vs. Process Praise
  • ABCDE= Adversity, Beliefs, Consequences, Disputation and Evidence
  • Thinking Traps and Antidotes
  • The Empowerment Triangle & Flipped Triangle
  • Types of Communication Styles
  • Forgiveness in Conflict
  • Skills for Overcoming Conflict
  • Stages of Change Theory
  • SMART Goals and Key Concepts

It’s a fun process of learning how to deeply understand your point of view, as well as the other person’s point of view, so that you can come to an aligned agreement. Join us!

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