Betsy Zeger is a joy to work with both professionally and personally.  She has helped me in many ways including motivation, focus, "mental" organization, figuring out priorities, and most important of all, she is an excellent listener.  –San Francisco

She has been very instrumental in my success and I do not hesitate to recommend her.
–Glenview, Illinois

Betsy's sense of humor, level of energy, patience and love of what she does is immediately palpable and makes her an excellent teacher.  Not only did I come away with the ability to help others, I also learned a lot about myself in the process. San Francisco, CA 

With her kindness, compassion, fierce intelligence and intuition, she lovingly introduced me to concepts and ideas that led me to new paths for realizing my own potential. –East Bay, CA

Betsy's devotion to what she believes in is unshakable. She loves to add value to her community and the world. Whoever is lucky enough to have her on their team will see for themselves how she is worth her weight in gold.  –San Francisco, CA

Betsy took a relentless stand for what was important in my life. She kept me on track and stimulated my thinking! She helped me to think outside the box and create alternative ideas that worked for my life.
– Tustin, Ca.

My 30 year marriage was ending and my youngest child was leaving for college. I felt scared and confused about who I was. Betsy gently and expertly guided me on a year long journey of self examination filled with depth and wisdom. –Los Angeles, CA

Email: [email protected]      Phone: 415-608-1113