B.Zeger_Bio2_webBetsy Zeger is a versatile and highly accomplished communications specialist and coach with long-term experience in helping clients achieve their goals. Throughout her 30-year career, she has drawn on her problem-solving skills and relationship-building talent, to deliver superb results for her clients.

As a deeply intuitive business strategist, she has leveraged her abilities to inspire results for her diverse clients, including Emmy-award winning composers; citizens in need of resolving disputes with landlords or neighbors; and individuals in transition wanting to reinvent themselves.

With years of focus on the various ways we speak and listen to each other, Betsy believes that the art of listening, the skill of communicating thoughts and emotions, and conflict resolution are invaluable daily practices. “These are teachable skills and we can all grow by utilizing them.”

Since 2005 Betsy has been a Mediator at Community Boards of San Francisco and the SF Office of Citizen Complaints. Her work includes tenant-landlord challenges, employee-employer conflicts, neighbor issues, school district disputes, property damage, business partner disagreements, and in house corporate mediation.

Betsy states, “It still moves me deeply when two parties come into a room energetically avoiding each other, and through the process of mediation and communication coaching, they are able to walk out with a shared agreement and a hand shake.”

She has acquired years of experience creating a safe space for the uncovering of one’s deeper feelings. This uncovering is her key to both successful problem solving and goal setting, as she guides clients to come up with their own solutions.

Betsy’s valuable career experience as a sales strategist, manager, and mediator, combined with years of intensive training at Coaches Training Institute, has proven to be the perfect recipe with which to help others reinvent themselves. Her inspiring enthusiasm spices it all up. “Loving the concept of a new chapter?” she says, “now that’s exciting and challenging!”

Further Education:

2004- Steven Rosenberg’s Mediation Training Certification

2005- Community Boards Mediation Training Certification

2006- Coaches Training Institute Certification- CPCC

2012- Center for Dispute Resolution Training with Kenneth Cloke

2012- Mindfulness Without Borders Certified Trainer

2015- Business Leadership Certification Program from Dominican University

2016- Applied Positive Psychology Certification from University of Pennsyvania